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64-Bit, Java 9, 10, ...

Personal Versions

Special Versions

32-Bit, Java 8, 7, 6, ...

Personal Versions

Special Versions

With separate installation-program for installation with ini-files or as portable software. Use this to install the Java-Editor in a classroom environment.

All inclusive

Due to copyright issues there is no ready-to-go package of the Java-Editor with all relevant packages inclusive. But you can use the above special version to get one for your institution. Install with setup.exe the Java-Editor as portable version on a stick, run it, select the jdk from the stick and download all on the documentation page of the configuration. Then zip all concerned folders from your stick in one package. This package is then an all inclusive ready-to-go package.


These download links are provided in case you can't download within the Java-Editor.

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